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    Rules and Guidelines

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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post by Ciel Phantomhive on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:40 pm

    Welcome to Anime POP Otakus ^_^
    This a free online forum for otakus by otakus
    before posting on the forum please take your time to read these rules.


    1)DO NOT spam/troll on the forums.Spamming/Trolling the forum will result of your account being on Probation/Banned

    2)Curing is allowed but please do not do it so much that the admins will receive complaints about it.

    3)Do not advertise your websites on the forums, there is a button in your profile to link your website.

    4)Do not harass people in anyway on the forums for any reason. as soon as the Anime POP staff see any harassing on the site WE WILL BAN YOU!

    5)If you would like to be an admin/moderator there will be applications in the announcements section of the forum later.Please do not message the Staff about becoming an admin until we are ready to post the applications.

    6)Role-playing will have its own special rules in its own section.

    7)Chat box will be moderated by someone so don't think of breaking any of the rule there Smile

    If you have any other questions please PM me!

    You may post anime links and downloads in its appropriate section but Anime POP will have nothing to do with them!

    -Founder Admin Akria Sama

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